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Century 13’ Tip Tornado Ultra Lite.


Century 13’ 6” Tip Tornado Ultra Lite:

The Tip Tornado Ultra Lite has deceptive power despite its fine dimensions. There are many times when a standard beach caster outguns the conditions. Inside calm estuaries, harbours and sea lochs there is a definite need for light gear which brings finesse to the situation. Changes within sea angling including variation in population numbers of many species means more fishing is done from the shore in summer style conditions. For small, plentiful fish the Ultra Lite brings big advantages including the use of lighter lines and bait presentation is smooth without the jerking action imposed by stiffer rods. Pressure on smaller hooks is also improved because the cushioning effect of the tip and bite sensitivity is better than ever. The Century Ultra Lite is great news for the angler who still wants to cast 4ozs and really enjoy a light high performance rod when bigger bonus fish are taken.

Carbon is a naturally occurring element. Carbon (C) has the atomic number of 6 and is a member of group 14 1n the periodic table. It is non metallic material that presents itself in many forms from naturally occurring black graphite to crystal clear diamond.
In the fishing trade we have heard many terms being used when referring to rod making materials over the years such as Graphite, Carbon and Amorphous Carbon. These are various states of Carbon. The Carbon is heated to ultra high temperatures to remove all elements except the pure carbon. Further processing at ultra high temperatures can yield even higher stiffness in the fibres by making the fibres smaller and more compacted. This process is expensive and uses far more raw material to create a denser package. The Carbon that we use for modern rod building has been pre-impregnated with epoxy and cross weaved into sheets. The intensively treated material will be very dense and is then referred to as High Modulus fibre. They are in the range of 55 MSI and higher. Many companies refer to 33 and 42 MSI fibre as “High Modulus”.

The Century Rod range is made in the UK to order, please contact us before you place your order to confirm a delivery date.

Here is what Century has to say:

“Century lives to push the boundaries of performance
Our rods are manufactured in a state of the art factory based in the UK that is equipped with the most up to date technology and machinery.
We are in our fourth decade of investment in research and design purely focused on making the finest tackle. Century rods are used by World’s longest casters to seek out far horizons and by specialists who patrol rocks and shorelines with finesse and sensitivity.”

Product Details

  • Rod Length (Imperial): 13’
  • Rod Sections: 2
  • Rod Guides: KWAG
  • Real Seat: Century Sliding Seat
  • Gear Box Design
  • Casting Ratio: 3 – 51/4ozs
  • Use Rating: Smooth Ground
  • Butt Diameter: 0.74”

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Century 13’ Tip Tornado Ultra Lite.
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